Bahrain Center for Human Rights

UI / UX, Responsive Web Design, Drupal Development

Bahrain Rights

Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) is an organization committed to defending and promoting human rights in Bahrain. The site had several years’ worth of content in need of migration to a new system, which presented a challenge in terms of redefining the presentation of the old content with the new interface and design. As a news site, the design needed to support a compelling delivery of the content. To achieve this, some critical typography decisions were made: increase the font size and leading, and use condensed headlines to accommodate the longer article titles. These changes made for an optimal reading experience for users. Another big challenge was designing an interface that solved the needs for both the English and Arabic version of the site. Again, by focusing on delivery of the content, the new interface provided an optimal experience for multi-lingual users while maintaining the core design aesthetics.

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